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ello everyone there has been a ongoing case ive been doing between AleximusPrime and SaturnStar14 and ive been searching for facts and proof either one was right well ive come to a conclusion rather quickly due to aleximusprime's actions. aleximusprime has wrongly accused SaturnStar14 of spamming among other things and so in a effort to clear the name of whoever is right I set out on my quest to find facts and question both people. I started with saturnstar14 and then aleximusprime this is the result: lets start with the very first accusation shall we?  BronyCon, I expected betterUPDATE:  Minor but please disregard the spam you may have gotten from SaturnStar14 below.  She is a person who is intent on trying to ruin Tox and the fact that she had to go to every single person in the comments to make her point proves her maliciousness.  Just ignore her.
Before I start this journal, I want people to know I still support BronyCon and am always up to going there to see some of my friends and view amazing art in the vendor, but this is just unprofessional.
As you all know, my friend :icontoxic-mario: was recently accused of tracing artwork in some of his anthro pony images.  A thorough glance of the image(s) in question will help you see they were in fact not traced.  This all started as another typical fandom shitstorm via Derpibooru coming from very untrustworthy sources and was nothing more than a failed attempt at discrediting and smearing Tox.  I obviously don't trace art but I use reference images a lot for my humanize
read the "update" part. I questioned saturn about this and she said she did not spam(it is now her word against his) I asked some of alexs followers(they will not be named for they asked me not to name them) they said they got no spam, but I knew that would not be enough so I went and read through all the comments on the bronycon journal and discovered that there was not a single person that reported spam from saturn. Now lets just say she did spam wouldn't at least someone say "I just got a lot of spam from her so watch out everyone" or something of the like? and yet there is not a single one saying anything like that which is very odd. And so I went and questioned alex about this but after reading his bronycon journal I had a hunch about what kind of person he really was so I worded my question in a way that he could easily call me out on it and avoid the question completely and if he did that that would only confirm my suspicions whereas if he answered my question then he would not be the kind of person I think he is. here is the result: (read the far right text first) I nailed him spot on didnt I? by JJP158mk2
in another comment I asked him the same question of "where is the proof that she did this?" did no one look in the comments and see if it was by JJP158mk2  I asked the questions around the same time and both did not get answered not only that but he then promptly deleted my comments and blocked me from his account as shown: HMMMMM now i wonder why he did that... by JJP158mk2 he blocked me by JJP158mk2

Now what reason would he have to delete my comments a block me? Was I being a nuisance and spamming? nope. Was I cussing him out and saying mean things? nope. Was I outraged and demanding retribution to saturn? NOPE. So then why would he delete my comments and block me? Could it be because I said exactly what is going on and he is trying to hid the evidence? Well its not impossible now is it? But that's not all fokes oh no, no, no. He went out of his way and sent notes to a lot of people telling them that saturn is a bad person and to block her. How do I know this? Well one of the people he sent the note to was one of saturns loyal subscribers and they sent her the note here is what it said: Boop6 by SaturnStar14
And if you're confused by him saying "Saturn making vent art where she cuts up her OC" he's talking about this:

Mature Content

Built to last (DESCRIPTION PLEASE) by SaturnStar14

He didn't even bother to read this
Alt title: Final wordsWelcome, if you came here then it means you have seen the picture. I want to say first that this picture doesn't mean I'm putting myself into the spotlight, it means that I've been put into the spotlight unrightfully.
I want to give my defense as I've been, as of now, still blocked by :iconaleximusprime: because of things I said in his journal: BronyCon, I expected better 
In that journal there were many accusations thrown at my person and like the picture shows, those cut into me like a knife because I thought none of them were true and wildly accused without knowing the facts.
First, my initial comment on the journal I can unfortunately not show because it was hidden before I could get a screenshot of it because I never thought Alex would act this rash. But the following is an almost exact copy of what I said, just not 100% the same words but with the same message. I hope you can

The picture was to get your attention and to prove a point about how she felt at that moment and yet in the note he is questioning her sanity? Does he do ANY followup reading/researching at all? From what I have found it seems he does not and he judges you on it.

Final summery: THE GREAT MEME WIZARD(lol) hath declared aleximusprime in the wrong and is charged with lying with intent of doing harm to the integrity of SaturnStar14 and wrongfully blocking anyone who does not agree with his lies.

CASE CLOSED. (unless new information is found then case will be reopened.)

SaturnStars own journal about this EvidenceYou may ignore this if you want but I feel that atleast ONE of the parties should give atleast a bit of evidence.
Edit: Toxic's answer:  my answer? Bring your report, you don't have ANYTHING to report me on.
Alright, now that the drama has died down a little, I feel that I should try to "clear my name" if atleast a bit. I was very hurt by all the insults that were thrown at me in that journal but :iconActinium28: already gave his whole speech about what I think and it was pretty spot on. [link]
Now that leaves us with all :icontoxic-mario:'s claims of me harassing other artists and :iconaleximusprime: accusing me of slandering Tox's name.
I think most of you have already grown tired of me talking about the whole traced thing but I'm going to post the overlay pictures one more time just so you can see that I hardly lie about Toxic tracing, in the least he's referencing ver
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